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Security Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

The cyber-threat landscape is changing rapidly. Cybercriminals are finding new ways to circumvent your security defenses. Providing effective protection for your business demands constant attention to stay ahead of attackers. Performing periodic security testing is a critical tool to identify weaknesses in your defenses before they are exploited. PurpleBox Security provides a personalized approach to help you in this race against cyber risks, adapting to each client’s needs, technology and industry.

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing (PenTesting) is an offensive security approach to test your security controls and identify weaknesses in your application, cloud, network, end-user workstations and mobile devices, and physical security controls through the eyes of a malicious actor. Our experienced security team applies the same tools and techniques used by hackers, by launching pre-authorized, controlled and coordinated cyber-attacks to your systems. These tools and techniques are designed to gain access to sensitive information, simulate what a real-world attack would target, demonstrate the efficiency of security controls against potential attacks data breaches.

What are the different types of Penetration Testing Projects?

We provide a variety of security assessment and penetration testing services, ranging from external/black-box testing to full kill-chain Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack simulation, depending on your needs.

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Network Security

More than just a vulnerability scanning, we assess the security of your networks and analyze how motivated attackers can circumvent your controls by manually reviewing, testing and exploiting issues to get to the actual risk posture, covering all aspects of your external cyber presence; networks, websites, public records, DNS, e-mail systems and certificates.

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Application Security

We leverage the standards and methodologies of OWASP, but we go beyond scanning. Using commercial, open-source and internally developed tools and research, we can find business logic faults. Application Security PenTest can cover web applications, mobile applications, APIs, source code scanning, and open-source composition analysis.

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Cloud Security

It is critical to include cloud services such as Office365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud (GCP), etc. in your security assessment. From public S3 buckets to exposed credentials in source code repositories, we can identify risks that can result in major security incidents.

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Social Engineering and Physical Security

Through a combination of social engineering tactics ( e.g. phishing, vishing, tailgating, pre-texting, etc.) we analyze the physical and people aspects of your security risks, provide insights on how to improve your controls and fill you in about the areas you need to focus on during your security awareness training.

What are the Phases of a PenTest Project?

PurpleBox Security PenTesting Methodology has been developed based on industry standards and years of experience, and includes the following main phases:



Scoping and Planning:

Agree with the customer on the scope, timing and boundaries of the project.




Gather information on the target from public sources, like using open source intelligence (OSSINT) to find personnel contact information.



Vulnerability Identification:

Use technical tools to gain further knowledge of the target's assets, like using automated scanning tools to identify networks, hosts and vulnerabilities.

What are the Benefits of a PenTest Project?

  • Identify exposure to external attacks and data breaches before they happen.
  • Assess the potential business, operational and regulatory impact of successful cyber-attacks.
  • Test your security defense and your organization's ability to successfully detect, respond and stop an attack.
  • Provide guidance to decision-makers for security investments based on the effectiveness of existing controls and areas that need improvement.
  • Meet compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards such as ISO2700, PCI- DSS, FISMA, NIST, HIPA, etc.

Why PurpleBox Security?

PurpleBox Security specializes in Security assessment and PenTesting services. Combining our Red Team (Offensive) capabilities with our Blue Team (Defensive) experience, we provide a unique approach to solving enterprise security problems. PurpleBox team of technical security specialists has wide-ranging experience in security assessment, vulnerability, exploit and malware research and they hold industry-leading certifications.


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