Our Values

The Top Six Values that Make Us Icon


Seek Truth

Be skeptical. Research and investigate. Think rigorously. Go beyond simple answers and status-quo.


Dream Big

Be ambitious and motivated. Be brave and go the extra mile.


Take Ownership

Adapt Ownership Mentality. Make decisions for the long- term for the team and company. Be proud to present your work.

Our Mission

Security is serious work, and protecting our customers is always the first priority. We build the security expertise you need, so you can put your focus back on growing your business.

As a tech company, we’re proud to do security our way. We take complicated, cutting edge technology and build solutions that work.

  • We don’t like Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD). No smoke screens.
  • We like the “basics”. Start with fundamentals and build from there.
  • We are pragmatic. We focus on solutions for the problem at hand.
  • We don’t give “It Depends” answers. We provide solutions that fit your situation.
  • We like a challenge. We like research. We like the unknown.
  • We foster a collaborative environment where you can do great work, learn a lot, and have fun.
  • We value contribution – recognizing diversity is essential to achieving our goals… and we enforce a “no jerks” policy.

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