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At PurpleBox, we understand that each business has its unique gaps, risks, and challenges. We provide our customers with tailored security solutions that fit their needs the best and deliver optimized results.

We believe organizations must be collaborative and cross-functional to compete in the modern economy. We serve our customers with expertise on a broad range of practices – Security and Compliance, Cloud Migration, DevOps & Automation, Application Development, Digital Transformation – which all work in harmony to move your business forward.

Founded in 2015 and based in Atlanta, Georgia; PurpleBox has a proven track record of delivery excellence.

Our Team

Security expertise is the fundamental principle that we rely on. We are proud to be equipped with the brightest minds of the industry specializing in threat monitoring, incident responding, security consultation, and operations. The majority of our workforce is formed of cybersecurity engineers, architects, and consultants with leading industry certifications.

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