About Us

Our Company

At PurpleBox, we understand that each business has its unique gaps, risks, and challenges. We provide our customers with tailored security solutions that fit their needs the best and deliver optimized results.

We believe organizations must be collaborative and cross-functional to compete in the modern economy. We serve our customers with expertise on a broad range of practices – Security and Compliance, Cloud Migration, DevOps & Automation, Application Development, Digital Transformation – which all work in harmony to move your business forward. Founded in 2015 and based in Atlanta, Georgia; PurpleBox has a proven track record of delivery excellence.

Our Team

Security expertise is the fundamental principle that we rely on. We are proud to be equipped with the brightest minds of the industry specializing in threat monitoring, incident responding, security consultation, and operations. The majority of our workforce is formed of cybersecurity engineers, architects, and consultants with leading industry certifications.

As they collaborate to meet the needs of customers, groups of outstanding experts dare to think differently. When our team members come up with new concepts, implemented, they are encouraged to share them openly and see them implemented. This approach stimulates the continuous improvement of both our company and team members.

We are certified.

We work with


global companies

We have


senior software engineers

We deliver


complex reports per month

Top Six Values That Make us PurpleBox

Seek Truth

Be skeptical. Research and investigate. Think rigorously. Go beyond simple answers and status-quo.

Dream Big

Challenge yourself to set goals and take action. Be ambitious and motivated. Be brave and go for the extra mile.

Take Ownership

Adapt ownership mentality. Make long- term decisions for the long- term for the team and company. Be proud to present your work.

Think of Solutions

Be a fixer. Come with solutions, alternatives, suggestions to improve the situation.

Focus on Customers

Walk in your customers’ shoes. Understand customer’s pain points, blockers, needs and goals.

Give Back

Be a part of your community. Volunteer and be enthusiastic about helping others.

Our Mission

Security is serious work, and protecting our customers is always the first priority. We build the security expertise you need,
so you can put your focus back on growing your business.

As a tech company, we’re proud to do security our way. We take complicated, cutting-edge technology and build solutions that work.

  • We don’t like Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD). No smoke screens.
  • We like the “basics”. Start with fundamentals and build from there.
  • We are pragmatic. We focus on solutions for the problem at hand.
  • We don’t give “It Depends” answers. We provide solutions that fit your situation.
  • We like a challenge. We like research. We like the unknown.
  • We foster a collaborative environment where you can do great work, learn a lot, and have fun.
  • We value contribution – recognizing diversity is essential to achieving our goals and we enforce a “no jerks” policy.


Let's Team Up and Pass With Flying Colors!

PurpleBox is looking for talented and self-driven individuals to support our cybersecurity and cloud computing services. PurpleBox is a fun and productive place to work at. Our dynamic and rapidly expanding team is always looking forward to new challenges and opportunities to improve our professional abilities and foster long-term relationships.

Our Openings

Overcome Your Security

We offer 360° Security protection for your business with our trusted experts in cybersecurity.